This is a method to reduce or sustain the settlement and uplifting in both existing and new structures. Micropiles are designed with centrally located steel reinforcing member consisting of a single bar, multiple bars or threaded hollow bar surround of grout, managed to carry compression and tension loads. Moreover, Micro piling is a method to stabilize the structures in normal and sensitive areas. This is particularly a beneficial method in the confined workspace, with limited headroom. Usually light and compact type of equipment are using for Micropiling so can avoid high disturbances and massive impact to surroundings in terms of exhaust fumes, noise, pollution and vibrations on sensitive areas.

Several types of Micropiles are generally using for foundation support. These are Open hole piles, Thin wall bottom driven cased piles, Pipe piles, Self-drilled and pressure grouted piles etc. Many advantages in the case of self-drilled and pressure grouted piles. In this system, high-pressure grout is injected to the hollow bar through a sacrificial bit and the continues grouting process causes the grout to penetrate into looser adjacent soils or voids and producing a filter cake of micropile. This is a quick installation that combines drilling, placing and grouting in one operation.


Bored piling is conventional larger size piles consist of steel rebar cages for reinforcement with concrete,distinct method of drilling conducted according to the ground condition, application length, diameter etc. Kelly method is the most popular method that we utilising with full casing, partially casing or uncased piles and slurry piles are produced. The drilling tool is fixed to a telescopic Kelly bar it is drilled step by step into the soil.If fully cased piles are produced, the casings are drilled to the necessary depth and bored until the final depth is reached.

Our equipment is capable to do CFA. Continuous Flight Auger method is a drilling which enables a high drilling performance in the stable soil. A continuous flight auger is used as a drilling tool. After having reached the final depth, concrete is injected through the hollow stem auger.


Soil nailing is an efficient, productive and economical technique for stabilizing slopes and for constructing retaining walls from the top down. This ground reinforcement method uses high strength steel bars or tendons which are drilled and grouted into the soil to create a composite mass similar to a gravity wall. A Shotcrete facing is typically applied, though many architectural options such as precast panels for permanent wall facings. Soil nail provides friction, shear and tensile strength in loose materials, so in the ultimate stage many independent objects combining and transform into a monolithic structure.


A grout curtain is a barrier that protects the foundation of a dam from seepage and can be made during initial construction or during repair.A grout curtain usually consists of a row of vertically drilled holes filled with pressurized grout, a process usually known as pressure grouting. The holes are drilled in intervals and in such a way that they cross each other, creating a curtain.


Secant pile walls are required for a variety of applications to support excavations for basement and infrastructure in temporary and permanent conditions. It can be used for excavations in sensitive locations where the sheet piling is not conceivable to driven due to massive vibration and congested areas. These walls can be constructed using drilled, augured or driven micropiles in a contiguous or secant configuration or inking post system to limit deflection and achieve greater retention heights, these walls can be tied-back using ground anchors at a specific level and spacing. Geosol’s compact equipment offers the ability to construct micropiles wall in a limited space and maximum close to the existing vertical faces. Our rigs and grout plant is relatively lightweight it can easily be lifted in and out of excavations.


Grouting is one of the most effective solutions for ground improvement. Grouting is the method of cement, resinous or solution chemical mixtures injecting to the ground with a specific pressure. The grouting process that fills pores in granular soil or voids in the rock or soil, with flowable particulate grouts. The grouted mass has an increased strength and stiffness, and reduced permeability. So it restricts the movements, minimize the permeability and underpinning the adjacent structures. The usage varies depends on the application.


Soil or Rock Anchors generally consist of high strength steel elements (bars or strands) grouted in a drilled hole. The bars or strands are subsequently tensioned. This renders lateral or vertical force to resist movement of a retaining structure. Anchors are often used for excavation support, or as a part of permanent retaining walls, or to resist uplift forces on foundations and slabs. Geosol uses rock anchors to stabilize slopes and walls,provide tiebacks for bridges, stabilize dams, and secure caisson bottoms.


Shotcreting is firmest and effective way to apply a concrete in areas where using conventional concrete would be challenging. A fresh mix is sprayed with compressed air into the surface that can be utilised in forming structural shapes that include wall floor, roofs, soil surface etc. that is the best way to resist the soil erosion with reinforcement. Especially used in deep excavations like metro tunnels, subways, rock surfaces to protect the facade collapse. Geosol involved in the service of wet or dry mix shotcrete ideally used for rehabilitation, repairs and restoration works. Our offered assortments of these services are rendered by taking quality approved components under the expert assistance.


Load test of piles are contractual requirement that assurance that pile been installed correctly and verifying maximum bearing capacity of piles. Load test is conducting in two methods weather in production piles and test piles. In prior to installation of working piles test piles are considered as sacrificial to load the pile until the failure is known as verification test.

Load test that conducting in production piles with in a certain limit of design load is known as proof test, these test are non-destructive and verify the structural integrity of piles. Geosol have the facilities for conducting load test in axial compression, tension and lateral loads as complying the specification and standards.